How to grade answer sheets all within Blackboard

Step 1 – Add a ”Content” item in Blackboard

  • Add Content in Blackboard
  • Select GradeHub exam as the new content
  • We automatically sync your roster (i.e, instructors, TAs, and students) and create answer sheets for your exam

Step 2 – Print answer sheets from Blackboard. Just a few clicks and you’re good to go!

  • We put a custom answer sheet with pre-filled IDs in each student’s Blackboard account.
  • You have a duplicate set of answer sheet in Blackboard without IDs to print too.
  • You give your test and collect answer sheets just like scantrons.

Step 3 – grade answer sheets conveniently from Blackboard from your home or office in minutes. No more trips across campus or waiting in lines at midterms and finals!

  • Create your answer key in Blackboard. We have advanced grading features too, such as multiple test versions, multiple correct answers, weighting, partial credit, penalties, and extra credit questions.
  • Edit the answer key at any time, and we rescore all exams and update reports, pronto!
  • Use any scanner to scan and then upload a PDF of the completed answer sheets
  • GradeHub identifies and eliminates student marking errors
  • And that’s it, your exams are scored!

Step 4 – review exam results on any device from anywhere in Blackboard. You receive valuable feedback!

  • Test reliability using Cronbach’s Alpha
  • Summary test statistics, such as, mean, median, standard deviation
  • Item statistics, such as point biserial, Cronbach’s Alpha with delete, and 27% Upper/Lower groupings
  • Missing students

Step 5 – sync grades to your grade book in Blackboard. Your students are kept in the loop too!

  • Click the release grades button and sync student scores to “Grade Center” in Blackboard
  • Like magic, grades are synced to your grade book. Say goodbye to CSV downloads or students id errors.
  • Students receive a histogram of class exam results, their score, and the questions they missed on the exam.