Grade Smarter

About us

At GradeHub, we’ve come together to build a smarter way to grade your exams.

Our story

Our company was started by Mark Espinola, a former division president of Scantron™, you know, the company making all those bubble answer sheets used at your school.

Mark and the team at GradeHub realized it was time for something better than scantrons. That’s when the wheels starting turning. So, we’re building an easy tool for you to administer, score, and analyze exams using a modern, cloud-based approach.

Our team has painstakingly focused on simplicity, convenience, and minimizing faculty disruption all while radically modernizing the technology to grade scantrons. All you need to use GradeHub is a printer to print and a conventional scanner to upload answer sheets, and a web browser to view reports, all done from anywhere, at anytime.

Our values

We believe that when you bring together intelligent, humble, self-motivated people – and give them the freedom and trust to do their best work – great things happen.

We value:

  • Simplicity – we make products and processes simple yet powerful
  • Character – we’re doing the right things, for the right reasons
  • Collaboration – we value teamwork, the sharing of ideas, and diversity
  • Purpose – we are empowered to make a difference and make the lives of others better