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Smarter – streamline scantrons or simplify online exams with GradeHub

Instructors effortlessly grade multiple-choice tests, all in your learning management system (LMS). Instantly download GradeHub answer sheets to collect responses or bypass paper, and go online.


Radically Simple – use any scanner or convert to online in seconds

Upload test and quiz answer sheets to GradeHub using any scanner. Or, quickly change a “bubble test” from paper to an online exam in seconds. So, save time, and say goodbye to old scanners and burdensome online testing platforms.

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Amazing Reports – write better exams and faster student feedback

Paper or online, GradeHub quickly and securely scores your test. Our instructive statistical reports and graphs help teachers write quality exams. Seamlessly integrated, GradeHub automatically syncs rosters and grades, enabling faculty to give timelier student feedback.

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Smarter, Simple, and Amazing – paper or online, we’re here to help

With GradeHub, you get a simple, intuitive grading platform in the cloud; no proprietary test scanners and answer sheets; the flexibility to quickly switch online; and, powerful reports built right into your LMS. Our team loves serving educators; we’re here to help you too.

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