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How to effortlessly modernize testing done with scantrons

Step 1 – create a class using our roster wizard. It’s easy to get started!

  • Add your class to GradeHub
  • Upload your class roster
  • We send students an email to join your class
  • You can invite assistant to help with grading too

Step 2 – add an exam and we automatically deploy answer sheets. Just a few clicks and you’re good to go!

  • We put a custom answer sheet with pre-filled IDs in each student’s portal.
  • We provide alerts for student to print their custom answer sheet before the test.
  • You have a duplicate set of answer sheet without IDs to print too.
  • You give your test and collect answer sheets just like scantrons.

Step 3 – grade answer sheets conveniently from your home or office in minutes. No more waiting in lines at midterms and finals!

  • Create up to five answer keys
  • Select a single or multiple correct responses for each question
  • You can edit the answer key at any time, and we rescore all exams and update reports, pronto!
  • Use any scanner to scan and then upload a PDF of the completed answer sheets
  • GradeHub identifies and eliminates student marking errors
  • Assign a grading scale, and that’s it, your exams are graded!

Step 4 – review exam results on any device from anywhere. You and your students receive valuable feedback!

  • Summary statistics
  • Histogram
  • Score distributions and percentiles
  • Item analysis and item matrix
  • Student analysis
  • Missing students
  • Students receive a histogram of class exam results, their score, and the questions they missed on the exam
  • Download exam data to a csv file in a variety of LMS formats