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GradeHub 4.0 – Online Answer Sheets

GradeHub 4.0

We’re stoked to announce our biggest release yet, GradeHub Online Answer Sheets. With GradeHub version 4.0, you can easily convert a multiple-choice exam, graded with answer sheets, from paper to a fully online assessment in Blackboard or Canvas – literally in seconds. And, our online exams have the same amazing statistical reports and deep LMS integration that major universities use in GradeHub’s “smarter way” of grading paper answer sheets.

So for the upcoming school year, whether you use answer sheets for in-class exams or you need to switch to online suddenly for remote testing, we got you covered.

For instructional design and technology teams, we’re here to provide a simple tool that will help faculty administer valid and reliable assessments if COVID-19 resurfaces.

How Online Answer Sheets work:

If you have used GradeHub before, you’ll notice that the process to launch a GradeHub Online Answer Sheet is identical to paper. Upon “launch,” GradeHub takes care of creating the course, teacher account, student roster, and the exam in your LMS. Our Blackboard integration is shown below.

GradeHub Online - Blackboard Content

1. Upload your exam as a PDF

With GradeHub – Online Answer Sheets, the teacher uploads the test as a multi-page PDF. By eliminating question authoring (i.e., typing the questions into the online testing platform or LMS), we simplify “going online” and save teachers a ton of time and frustration.

GradeHub Online - Upload exam PDF

After the upload, you can select the “Student Preview” button to see how students will view the exam on test day.

Note for existing GradeHub instructors, instead of uploading completed answer sheets to the Upload Box, you upload a PDF of the exam before administering it to students.

2. Select a time

The next step is to set the time and duration of the exam. Students will only be able to view and take the exam based on your selection.

GradeHub Online - schedule test

** Coming Soon ** Proctoring options will be available on this screen in the upcoming weeks.

3. Create an answer key

The answer key remains the same for paper or online. See our help site on how to indicate the correct response(s) and point value for each question.

4. Students take the exam

Students view the exam (i.e., the PDF) and respond to questions all in their Learning Management System login (e.g., Canvas or Blackboard). The exam is available only for the duration and during the designated time.

Student take exam online

5. Review exam statistics and sync grades

And, just like GrandHub Answer Sheets, our online exams have amazing statistical reports and grades that sync automatically to your gradebook (e.g., Canvas or Blackboard).

GradeHub Exam Statistics - Item Analysis in Canvas
Grade answer sheets in Blackboard

If you would like to learn more about GradeHub, feel free to schedule a demo or chat with us online.

We’re here to help,

Mark Espinola
CEO + Co-founder

Dario Traverso
CTO + Co-founder