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Helping testing centers with GradeHub Scan Station

I thought you would want to know how GradeHub is helping testing centers, like you, with a smarter way to grade scantrons.

GradeHub’s Scan Station allows you to centrally scan answer sheets, conveniently track all campus testing, and provides quick reports for billing campus departments.

Centralized scanning for your testing center

It’s really pretty easy to scan and upload answer sheets for instructors. Merely enter the course id printed on the answer sheet, select the search button, and then upload the answer sheets. That’s it, GradeHub will do all the rest.


Testing centers can upload scantrons with any scanner

If you’re interested in scanning (e.g., with a production scanner) directly from your web browser to GradeHub, talk to us about our Scan Station enterprise edition (coming soon).

Convenient instructor reports

Once GradeHub is finished scoring the answer sheets, instructors can review their results, edit the exam answer key(s), view questionable marks, and release grades to students from anywhere on any device with internet access. Here’s a sample report of a class of 1,000 students where I scanned 300 answer sheets for the exam. You can see GradeHub provides summary statistics, a score distribution, percentiles, item matrix, item analysis, and a list of missing students (i.e., 1,000-300=700), all viewed from a teacher’s web browser.


GradeHub instructor report to analyze exam results.

Instant student feedback

Students really like the feedback they receive on GradeHub. Once grades are released, a student can see their score and gauge how they did on the exam.


Reporting and billing

With GradeHub, you create reports to accumulate answer sheet counts and costs per tag (e.g., departments). Quickly add your fee per page charge. Then, click on any tag to see the supporting details. Export the results to provide departmental billing from and to any date.


Usage and billing reports for testing centers


I would love the opportunity to help your school; schedule a demo with me to learn more.

CEO + Founder, GradeHub