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How Instructors Can Help With Student Stress

Many students deal with student stress. In a study done by MentalHelp.Net, results show that out of the 1000 college students surveyed, 31% of the students feel stressed 2 to 4 times per semester, while 30% of the students feel stressed throughout the whole semester (Horowitz, 2016). Out of the six stressors mentioned, finals and midterms are the number one cause of stress among college students. With this said, high-stress levels can negatively impact students’ performance, so any support that reduces stress can immensely benefit students.

As instructors, it is important to care about students’ mental health in addition to their academic performance. So how can instructors help reduce student stress? As a recent college graduated, my instructors have helped me alleviate stress through a number of ways.

Here are some ways my instructors have helped reduce students’ stress levels:

Be Adaptable. Giving students some leeway regarding their coursework load will decrease stress. Allowing students to make up one of their assignments or dropping the lowest homework grade can reduce stress especially during finals or midterms season. From experience, this technique has helped me reduce stress during the most challenging weeks of school.

Give Quick Feedback. Many students experience anxiety before and during a test. But anxiety after a test is also typical when students are nervously waiting for their grades. GradeHub lessens after-test anxiety since it allows instructors to give students meaningful and timely feedback. As a result, students can immediately know how well they did during the last exam and quickly move on to focus on their upcoming coursework.

Try Relaxation Techniques. Breathing exercises before class time or an exam can also help alleviate stress. When our instructor would lead meditation exercises, our class became calmer and quieter. This technique will help reset and clear students’ minds before moving on to the next material.

Mental health is as important as academic performance. To see students succeed in their courses, it is essential for instructors to also focus on reducing stress.


Lea from GradeHub
Lea Ibalio has majored in business at the University of California, Irvine and this year’s marketing intern at GradeHub

Horowitz, K. (2016, June 23). New Survey Confirms: College Students Are Stressed. Retrieved from