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GradeHub 3.4: Fixes, improvements, and more

GradeHub – Answer Sheets 3.4 is out! In this release, you’ll find the regular fixes and some major new features, including more questions on our answer sheets.

GradeHub Release 3.4

New answer sheet

The most prominent feature is that we increased the standard answer sheet from 100 to 150 questions to help instructors who administer longer exams, particularly in the sciences. We also had a biochemistry professor email us her instructions on how to mark GradeHub answer sheets. We thought they were so good that we put them on the answer sheet!

GradeHub 150 question answer sheet

Don’t worry, the exams you’ve created before this release will use the “old” 100 questions answer sheet template. They’ll process without a hitch.

Your next GradeHub exam will automatically use the “new” 150 questions answer sheet. While instructors transition from the old to the new form, we’ll have an additional information box depending on the answer sheet used.

GradeHub information on 100 and 150 question answer sheet

More feedback in the “Upload Status” table

We’ve added more feedback in the upload status table to help you know when the occasional answer sheet or batch needs attention. You’ll also see improved tools to process duplicate answer sheets efficiently.

When you upload a PDF file (aka batch) that it is out of specification, you’ll see a new red “?” in the status table letting you know to rescan your answer sheets.

GradeHub upload feedback

If you see a red “!” in the “Analyze” column, that means you’ve uploaded the same file again or there are answer sheet(s) that has been already scored mixed with several unscored answer sheets. If the batch had already been scored you can leave the duplicate alone (i.e., unprocessed). If it’s a new upload with a few answer sheets previously scored, click the red “!”” and then select the “Resume” button. GradeHub will resume the processing of the upload.

Resume duplicate answer sheet processing.

If you see a red “!” in the “Score” column, that means there are answer sheets that could not be scored. In the example below, we ripped the bottom of the page off. Click the red “!”” to view unscored answer sheets.

Unscored answer sheets

Added magic

Behind the scenes, the team improved our roster synchronization when onboarding new customers and some other magical stuff! We’re always grateful for all their hard work.

As always, feel free to reach out; we’re here to help,

CEO + co-founder

CTO + co-founder