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 Our Elegant Reporting

Professors often ask me “what makes GradeHub different from using scantrons,” and I respond among other things “it’s our elegant reporting.” By using modern tools, we let you turn the time-tested process of answer sheets into beautiful insight–clear and uncluttered. That’s a lot more than just getting a little red number at the bottom of a green bubble sheet, you know which ones I mean.

Scantron error mark

“We believe, the more you understand your test, the better decisions you can make about instruction.”

GradeHub lets you know how your students performed with instant reporting. Get the insight you need, share information with your class, and enhance learning with our elegant reports. A test overview, item analysis, and student analysis are all just a click away.


Test overview

Simply click on the blue test overview text (see the green pointer) and elegant reports succinctly summarize how your class performed. Our test overview includes five analyses easily accessed under the following tabs: Summary, Distribution Chart, Distribution Table, Score Percentile, and Item Matrix.


How did your class and test perform? Get a bird’s-eye view from the summary tab.

Summary tab

The summary includes relevant statistical data such as the class average, and high and low scores; a Kruder-Richardson 20 (KR-20) internal measure of test reliability; and standard error, which lets you understand how a student’s real knowledge differs from their actual test score.

Distribution chart

How did your class do? We provide a visual distribution of your grades. Our beautiful bar graph helps you make direct comparisons of student grades and lets you quickly understanding of how your class performed.

Distribution bar graph

Distribution table

Want to see more data, we produce distribution table so you can see the number of students that received a particular grade. The uncluttered table has been organized by grade interval to understand score frequencies clearly. Our score distribution includes grades, percent ranges, raw scores, and the number and percent of students receiving that grade.

GradeHub Distribution table

Score percentiles

And, score percentiles let you see how students compare with other students. Organized from the lowest to highest raw score, you can easily view the number of test scores in percentiles from 1 to 100.

GradeHub percentile chart

Item matrix

Our item matrix plots both item discrimination with difficulty. Questions with poor discrimination might need revision. Whereas hard questions might indicate that your students may not have mastered a learning objective. This report can give you a great idea of both test difficulty and validity, in one clear view.

GradeHub Item Matrix

Item analysis

Even after a test, how do we know whether that exam was a good one? For you to better understand how your test performed, our beautiful item analysis provides detailed, summary, and visually striking information to help you improve individual test items or the test as a whole.GradeHub item analysis

Statistics in our item analysis include the number of items, the number of students, reliability, standard error, median, mean, high and low score, response frequencies, distractor analysis, point biserial, difficulty, and correct group response.

Student analysis and correction

Our student analysis report allows you to see how each student performed on the test too. Not only can you see students’ scores but you also can view their responses for each question. Correct answers are in green while incorrect are in red. By clicking on an incorrect response, a popup allows you can edit a given response.

GradeHub student analysis

Statistics in our student analysis report include the number of items, the number of students, reliability, standard error, median, mean, high and low score, student name and ID, total score, % score, grade, answer key, and responses for each question.

Student grade report

We keep each student in the loop too. GradeHub delivers an informative grade report to a student perfectly formatted for smartphones, automatically.

GradeHub student grade report


GradeHub gives you effortless grading and elegant reporting allowing you beautiful insight into your test. Understand your test and help your students thrive.

Happy grading,
Mark from GradeHub