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GradeHub effortlessly modernizes testing with scantrons

Simply manage all of your multiple-choice tests from an easy tool.
Liberate your time by using your existing paper exams (e.g., tests that you

already use with scantrons). Students and instructors conveniently print answer sheets

from GradeHub.


Simple – use any scanner

Test and quiz bubble sheets are scanned and then uploaded to GradeHub.
Save time finding a proprietary scanner across campus and avoid lines at midterms and finals.
Don’t worry that the bubble scanner is not working, use any scanner–at home or in your office.

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Powerful and fully integrated – analyze your exam instantly

GradeHub quickly and securely scores your test at the item, student,

and class levels. Faculty and student reports are available instantly on

GradeHub; anytime, anywhere.

scantrons for tests

Simple yet powerful

With GradeHub, you get a simple, intuitive grading platform in the cloud,
no proprietary test scanners and answer sheets, and powerful reports built
right into your account or learning management system – all accessible instantly via Web, iPhone, and Android.

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scantrons for tests

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