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The Third Step to Using GradeHub in Canvas: Test Responses

If you’ve been following along in this miniseries, I know what you’re about to ask next. Printing answer sheets is awesome and quick grading is helpful, but what about the test responses? Well, we have answers for that too.

Analyzing Grades

One of the most important parts of giving a test for the professor is to see the reliability and validity of the exam. Using Cronbach’s Alpha, the instructor can view the exam’s overall reliability and see if it really is doing it’s job! In addition to checking the reliability, we have an easy-to-use item analysis to determine how well each test question performed. This can help establish which questions need to be kept, re-written, or omitted. All of these important details can be seen with a click of a button. There is no extra work you have to do for this analysis; our service does it automatically with the tests that are grade!

Releasing Grades

When you are finally satisfied with all the grades, you can simply press ‘Assign Grades’ and it will send those grades to your students. In just one click, students are able to see how they did and the questions they got wrong before the next test rolls around. The time professors save also translates to students who can study the material they missed for the upcoming tests. Using scantron machines doesn’t provide this information unless the student is present at office hours or is given at a time not relevant anymore.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

And just like that, you have administered a test, graded them with an imported answer key, and gotten/sent test responses. This whole process quickly happens within a couple of days!

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Casper from GradeHub

Casper Lee is majoring in business at the University of California, Irvine and this year’s marketing intern at GradeHub