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The History of ParScore®

For decades, educators have been using ParScore® with scantron machines to analyze test results with bubble sheets. I reached out to a few colleagues from my old days at Scantron® to learn more about the history of ParScore. A special thanks to the contributors, who all built Scantron from its early years.

Ralph Lewis and his colleague (nobody could remember his name) developed ParScore. Ralph was a professor at Orange Coast College (OCC) just minutes away from our office at GradeHub. The ParScore program was first created to address Ralph’s own testing needs, as well as other instructors at OCC. However, as knowledge and interest in ParScore spread among colleges, enough demand lead Ralph to form a small business called Education Resources, Inc (ERI).

Scantron purchased ParScore package from Education Resources, Inc (ERI) in late 1989. Developed initially in DOS, the application has had some updates including a significant revision in early 2000 to Windows.

Although an effortless transition for faculty, GradeHub is a huge leap forward in the way multiple choice tests are processed and analyzed leveraging a modern, cloud-based approach. Simply put, GradeHub efficiently manages all of the students’ multiple-choice tests from one web portal. They can conveniently print answer sheets from their GradeHub portal. To learn more about how we make grading effortless and convenient, feel free to check out this link.

ParScore and Scantron are trademarks of Scantron Corporation.


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Mark Espinola
CEO + Founder of GradeHub

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