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The First Step to Using GradeHub in Canvas: Answer Sheets

We are proud to announce the full integration of GradeHub in Canvas. You may be asking, how do you use GradeHub and what are the benefits of it? We will be answering all of those questions in this three-part miniseries! So, what is the first step?


Have you made assignments on Canvas, simply as a placeholder until grades are actually ready to release? Do you feel like there’s a better way to get instant results without having to use CSV files and PDF reports? Well, there is! GradeHub in Canvas is easy to use, just follow these few steps:

  1. Create an assignment (ex. Midterm 1)
  2. Designate the number of points the assignment will be
  3. Select GradeHub as an external tool
  4. Assign it to a specific class (ex. Econ 20)

Just like that, your assignment has been published and students can print out answer sheets (with any kind of printer) for the test.


For me, one of the worst feelings is getting into bed before a big exam only to realize I forgot to pick up a scantron from the bookstore. My mind starts to wander towards, “What if they ran out of scantrons? What do I do if I can’t get one?” If you’ve been in a similar situation, fear no longer! GradeHub allows students to simply print out an answer sheet from Canvas that they can then bring to the class. There’s no more waiting in long lines or kicking the scantron vending machine for eating your money. Bring the answer sheet, bubble your answers in, and turn it in at the end of your test! Did we mention you use a pen instead of those seemingly impossible to find No. 2 pencils?

If you’re interested, make sure to check out our website for more information. Be on the lookout for Part 2 coming soon!

Casper from GradeHub
Casper Lee is majoring in business at the University of California, Irvine and this year’s marketing intern at GradeHub