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Grade Smarter

At 50, I just launched my first startup (i.e., GradeHub). I guess it shows “it’s never too late!” Although my background includes running educational technology businesses for over a decade, this is my first opportunity to run a business that I’ve started from scratch.

Scantrons in the Cloud


Scantrons in the clouds
GradeHub is getting ready to launch!


During my 10 years at Scantron, I saw nearly every school and university in the US use those green scantrons. You know which ones I’m talking about. With over 300 million scantrons still being used, I thought…it’s time for something better, something smarter!

GradeHub transcends the simplicity of scantrons using a modern cloud-based approach.

At GradeHub, we provide educators effortless grading with powerful reporting. Large online testing platforms are too complicated, too time consuming; I should know, I’ve developed and launched several of them. The investment to “go online” is simply a huge hurdle (i.e., barrier) for teachers to jump.

The idea behind GradeHub is to focus exclusively on classroom grading and teacher reporting, the two indispensable subsets of a modern, cloud-based assessment platform. We believe these two “subsets” provide teachers the bulk of the value while providing all of the time savings.

In our first feature release, we’ll be providing teachers grading and reporting
tools that are easy to use and will save them time. Products like scantrons and Remind are great “reminders” that keeping it simple, saving time, and creating value for teachers are essential ingredients for educational technology to succeed.


essential ingredients for edtech


GradeHub milestones:

Date: Milestone:
June 8, 2015 GradeHub was incorporated (C corp in Delaware)
June 23, 2015 GradeHub receives a $300,000 seed investment
September 21, 2015 GradeHub launched its corporate website
September 30, 2015 GradHub’s platform prints, scans, reads, and scores tests with powerful reports accessible anywhere, anytime via the web​.​


I’ll be reaching out again when GradeHub launches. If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for updates on our interest page?

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