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Grade Smarter

The Ed Tech Round Up

by Michael Karlin

Here is a new post by Michael Karlin at The Ed Tech Round Up on GradeHub.

“GradeHub is a new resource that aims to make multiple-choice grading for higher education institutions more simple and streamlined, regardless of the learning management system being used. In addition to being able to digitally grade assignments, GradeHub can also be used for detailed reporting and analytics, so professors can quickly see how students are doing.

“Multiple-choice grading for higher education institutions more simple and streamlined”

Here’s a short video from the GradeHub team that provides a little background on what their service is all about:

Essentially, students would show up to an exam with their grade sheet printed out. That grade sheet (similar to a Scantron sheet) would contain information about the student (i.e. their student ID number) so that when it was scanned in to be graded, it would automatically be linked with the student’s class records. That way, a detailed report of the student’s performance can easily be built, and the grade sheet can automatically be linked to any other work they’ve already done.

GradeHub reports

GradeHub can also send push notifications out to students, so as soon as an assignment is graded, the student can get an update on how they did.

For those higher education institutions interested in learning more, you can contact GradeHub here for more information.”