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GradeHub Signs Student Privacy Pledge

GradeHub, a company making grading better for faculty and students, announced it joined the Student Privacy Pledge created by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software & Information Industry Association. By signing the pledge, GradeHub reaffirms its commitment to keeping student data private and secure. You can visit our privacy policy reviewed by the fellows at the FPF.

“We employ advanced security features to maintain and protect student data and privacy,” said Mark Espinola, Founder and CEO of GradeHub. “Test information collected on GradeHub is used solely to provide feedback to teachers and students. Our commitment to schools is to exercise great care with the data entrusted to us, the same care they would use at their institutions.”

The Pledge makes it clear that school service providers are accountable to:
• Not selling student information
• Not behaviorally targeting advertising
• Using data for authorized education purposes only
• Not changing privacy policies without notice and choice
• Enforcing strict limits on data retention
• Supporting parental access to, and correction of errors in, their children’s information
• Providing comprehensive security standards
• Being transparent about collection and use of data


Student Privacy Pledge Signatory
GradeHub joins the Student Privacy Pledge


As the founder of an educational technology company, I would encourage all service providers to work with the fellows at the FPF to create and finalize their privacy protection policy for schools, students, and parents. The feedback provided the FPF was constructive and helped us ensure that our policy was consistent with the expectations of the institutions we serve. The signatory logo displayed on our privacy page signifies not only that we signed the pledge but also that our policy has been reviewed and found consistent with the FPF guidelines.

The Pledge and more information about how to support it are available at