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GradeHub 3.6: Fixes and GradeHub Excel Workbook

GradeHub – Answer Sheets 3.6 is out! In this release, you’ll find the regular fixes and a major new feature, offline reports in a GradeHub Excel Workbook. Also new is sorting or searching the Analyze Student report by student ID or name, improved recognition for darker PDFs, and faster exam processing.

GradeHub 3.6: GradeHub Excel Workbook

GradeHub Excel Workbook

Teachers love GradeHub’s online reports (see them with the link), but occasionally we hear that some still want paper. In this new release, not only are GradeHub reports in one Excel file, but we significantly increased the information available offline. Now each exam has a downloadable GradeHub Excel Workbook with nearly all of the statistical information offered online. The workbook can support extra analysis, such as curving. If you want paper, simply print it from Excel or a Google Sheet.

Export GradeHub Excel Workbook
Export an entire workbook – Our Canvas integration is shown here.

To download the GradeHub Excel Workbook, simply select the “Export to…” dropdown under the Analyze Exam button. The offline workbook provides nearly all of the information online separated in following tabs similar to our online reports:

  • Exam Summary Statistics
  • Exam Distribution Report
  • Exam Percentiles Report
  • Student Response Report
  • Student Response Data
  • Question Analysis Report
  • Item Analysis Report
  • Missing Student Report

Exam Summary Statistics

GradeHub Excel Workbook - Exam statistics including Cronbach's Alpha

As with our online reports, test reliability using Cronbach’s alpha, median, mean, standard deviation, and lowest and highest scores are presented.

Exam Distribution Report

GradeHub Excel Workbook - distribution

Scores are presented in 10% increments with the distribution represented by an asterisk ( “*”) for each student.

Exam Percentiles Report

GradeHub Excel Workbook - Percentiles

Student Response Report

GradeHub Excel Workbook - Student response data

We would say this is our biggest online report request from instructors. Without the color used in the GradeHub report under the Analyze Student button, the “old” CSV file didn’t allow instructors to see where students are struggling. With the GradeHub Exel Workbook, we made a few changes to the old “Response Data” export including:

  • Adding a row at the top of the report for the correct response (i.e., key)  by each test version
  • Changing student correct responses from a letter (e.g., D on question 1 in the example above) to a dash (“–”)

The result, at a glance you’ll be able to see the questions students missed and the distractors they chose.

Student Response Data

Student response data

The above screenshot is our previous CSV download mentioned above. You can use this information if you’d like to analyze responses in Excel or other statistical packages, such as SPSS or R.

Question Analysis Report

Question analysis based on point biserial correlation

This tab of the GradeHub Excel Workbook summarizes the highest and lowest performing questions on your exam and their related point biserial correlation values.

Item Analysis Report

GradeHub Excel Workbook - Item Analysis with point biserial and Cronbach's alpha with delete

The item statistics for each question are contained in this report. Since our online reports bold the correct response, we inserted a column for the corresponding correct response. Key statistics in the item analysis include p-values, point biserial correlation, Cronbach’s alpha with delete, and high and low cohort analysis.

Missing Student Report

Missing student report

Sort or search by name or student ID

GradeHub sort by name of ID

To help you find students in the Analyze Students report, you can now sort by name or student ID.

GradeHub search by name or ID

You can search by name or student ID too.

Improved answer sheet recognition

Our algorithms are updated to better manipulate darker PDFs created by a few scanners and bleed-through from students using color inkjet printers.

Faster processing for large classes

Behind the scenes, the team did some other magical stuff to reduce answer sheet (aka scantrons) processing times for large classes!

We’re always grateful for all their hard work.

As we release this post we know there’s a tremendous amount of uncertainty with the Coronavirus. Our hope is that you’ll be healthy, safe, and secure. 🙏

As always, feel free to reach out; we’re here to help,

CEO + co-founder

CTO + co-founder