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GradeHub 3.5: Fixes, improvements, and more

GradeHub – Answer Sheets 3.5 is out!

In this release, you’ll find the regular fixes and some major new features, including links to view student answer sheets and support for Chrome version 80.

Answer sheet preview

Right from the Analyze Student button, you can now view completed answer sheets by selecting the student name.

GradeHub Analyze Student Report. Review answer sheets (aka scantrons)

With a click, GradeHub will show you the answer sheet in a preview window right in your learning management system (i.e., Canvas or Blackboard).

GradeHub answer sheet (aka) scantrons

Chrome version 80 support

Google is rolling out a new Chrome update that promises a bunch of new features designed to make the browser faster and more secure — including a new approach to cookies. GradeHub uses these cookies for logins and roles in both Canvas and Blackboard. No worries, we updated our cookie approach in January to ensure GradeHub is compatible with Chrome Version 80.

Answer key import

With GradeHub you can upload a CSV file to create your answer key. In release 3.5, we made it easier by making the only required fields the question number and correct response. If you want to upload advanced scoring selections, you can do that too.

GradeHub answer key import

Sorting pre-filled answer sheets by name

If you’re using answer sheets with pre-filled names and student IDs, we sorted the downloadable PDF by student name to make it easier for you to find and distribute answer sheets.

Answer sheet generator stability

We have a “service” that creates answer sheets, let’s call it the “ASG” for short. During peak periods, instructors would send us the occasional email or start a chat that they were getting the following message while waiting for the answer sheets. “The requested answer sheets aren’t available yet. Please check again in 10 minutes.” We know it can be really frustrating when you have to wait for answer sheets, or worse it seems that the ASG is stuck.

It’s not unusual for GradeHub to receive requests to create answer sheets for more than 100 exams in a short time period (e.g.., during finals week). With our latest improvements and bug fixes, you shouldn’t see that pesky message for more than a minute or two during peak periods (i.e., not more than 10 minutes).

Canvas Global Developer Key

Adding GradeHub got a lot easier for Canvas administrators with our new preconfigured Global Developer Key available in all Canvas environments.

GradeHub Canvas Global Developer Key

Added Magic

Behind the scenes, the team added some other magical stuff! We’re always grateful for all their hard work.

As always, feel free to reach out; we’re here to help,

CEO + co-founder

CTO + co-founder

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