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Grade Answer Sheets All Within Blackboard

GradeHub empowers educators to grade answer sheets all within Blackboard. The result is GradeHub provides you with a modern approach for processing answer sheets that will be welcomed by instructors and students.

As you can see in the screenshots and video, our team went to great lengths to create an experience that is familiar, convenient, and powerful. Classes, rosters, exams, and grades are all automatically synchronized. We also designed the flow so that the experience for your faculty is seamless.

Our integrated approach helps instructors bridge from offline assessments, such as scantrons, to providing exams delivered (almost entirely) through Blackboard. We simply use answer sheets as a temporary offramp to collect responses.

How it Works

Gradehub within Canvas

Step 1 - use your same test  Use your same test

Instructors use their same test (probably a Word document), so the transition for instructors to GradeHub is effortless.

Create answer sheets all within Blackboard  Create and upload answer sheets all within Blackboard

Create a new “Content” item in Blackboard for your upcoming exam (e.g., Final), select GradeHub Exam as the content type. Give the exam a name and assign points possible.

Build content - GradeHub for Blackboard

That is it. GradeHub automatically creates answer sheets for all of the students in the class (i.e., your Blackboard roster).

Before the exam, have students print out their GradeHub answer sheet from Blackboard or instructors can print blank answer sheets too. Student answer sheets are prefilled to avoid mismarked student IDs. To print answer sheets, simply choose the “Content” in Blackboard and select the PDF icon from GradeHub.

After testing, collect the answer sheets just like scantrons. Bring the answer sheets to your exam scanning service or instructors can upload answer sheets on their own too. All you need is a regular scanner. GradeHub reads multi-page PDF files to score your exam.

Gradehub answer sheets to Blackboard

Analyze GradeHub results in Canvas  View reports and analyze results of answer sheets all within Blackboard

Instructors can analyze the scored answer sheet data all within Blackboard. Teachers can view answer sheets, make changes, or update an answer key. Corrections made in GradeHub recalculate reports automatically.

GradeHub provides exam statistics, percentiles, item analysis, and a missing student report, all available within the LMS.

Analyze GradeHub results in Blackboard

Sync Gradehub results with Canvas  Sync Gradehub results with Blackboard

Once you’re satisfied with exam results, select the Release Grades button, and we automatically sync student grades to Blackboard. Students love the feedback from GradeHub too!

Sync GradeHub answer sheets to Blackboard Grade Center

Learn More about GradeHub’s integration with Blackboard

To learn more about how you can grade answer sheets all within Blackboard, schedule a web demonstration.