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5 Productive Things College Students Should Do This Summer

For most students, summer is already in full swing! No more finals, no homework, no projects for at least three months. For those who still have a few years of college left or who have graduated recently, summer is the time for relaxation, exploration, and growth. As a graduating senior, I’ve spent the past three summers doing different kinds of activities. From internships to traveling, to taking summer classes. In addition to catching up with old high school buddies and hanging out with college friends, here are a few things college students should do this summer:

Get An Internship

If you’re an incoming junior or senior in college, it may be an excellent time to pursue an internship this summer. Your school’s job platform, your friends, or professors are an excellent source for internship opportunities. Interning is also a great way to explore and learn whether the career field you’re interested in is the best fit for you.

Attend Summer Classes

Want to get ahead of your coursework? Taking summer classes will put you ahead of the game. An online course will be even more convenient as you can still go on vacation while attending classes. However, summer classes aren’t just a way to fulfill your remaining coursework; it’s also a time to enroll in a course you’ve always wanted to take, such as a culinary arts class.

Learn A New Skill

Summer gives you a lot of free time to try new things. It can range from taking dance lessons to learning how to code. There are lots of online courses for different interests. Plus, you can even earn a certificate to show future employers that you’ve taken the initiative to improve yourself. Not sure what skills to learn? Here’s a small list you can start with.


Are you passionate about a particular cause? Volunteering is the excellent way to help and give back to your community. It also creates lasting friendships and memories and can be very rewarding. Start by asking your friends or searching online to find volunteering opportunities.


Summer during your college years is the best time to travel. If you have some money saved up, you can travel with your friends or by yourself. Traveling is a great way to learn about different cultures and also learn about yourself along the way. You can travel within or outside the country, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

Try at least one of these suggestions and make your summer more productive and fun! Enjoy your Summer!


Lea from GradeHub
Lea Ibalio is a senior majoring in business at the University of California, Irvine and this year’s marketing intern at GradeHub